Saturday, 5 July 2014

Xgram Instagram Bot Software - Follow And Unfollow Instagram Users Automatically

Xgram Instagram Bot Software

Have you been search for the latest version of the Xgram promotion software to help your Instagram marketing efforts? Well, I am happy to say that you have come to the right website to find the latest Xgram Instagram promotion software. With this excellent and unique Xgram software you will be easily be able to promote your Instagram account to the millions of other users who love sharing their photos.

Thanks to the recent cease & desist letters issued by the owners of Instagram namely Facebook. The Xgram Instagram promotion software as had to be developed underground and is currently unavailable to the public. Only past customers and friends of the developers currently have access to the latest working version of the Xgram promotion software. We are happy to announce we are one of those lucky few who has access to the latest version of the Xgram Instagram promotion software. And we feel everyone should have access to this great marketing software, and are making it available for you to download for a limited time.

With the Xgram Instagram software you will be able to easily create multiple Instagram accounts, add different proxies to those accounts, mass follow other Instagram users using chosen keywords, like and comment on other users photos, rip or choose images and upload them to your accounts, watermark your images to help promote websites, and unfollow all those Instagram users who haven't bothered to mutually follow you back. All of these amazing functions can be scheduled within the Xgram Instagram promotion software, so you can effectively run the software 24/7 totally hands free.

The Xgram promotion software has been fully tested for trojans and viruses by ourselves and the software you download will be 100% safe for you to install and use on your own computer system. Just download and install this fantastic Xgram promotion software and you will be ready to market and build a strong and popular Instagram account.

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